Guillermo's layout in progress - February 23, 2007

This time, I painted (tinted) the mountain, with 'wet water' (water with a few drops of liquid detergent) and several colors of dye (Putnam, Rit or Tintex will do). I started with dark brown:

then black, green and yellow dyes:

Next you will find a photo of our youngest daughter Estefi [14] standing by the layout (remember the 'Little Princess' back in 1997 and the 'Little Halloween Pumpkin in 2001 photos?):

then, Estefi again with her older sister Sofía [24]:

and finally my wife Magda [45] and our son Adrian [21]:

The 'not so good photographer' was of course Billy [60] (not shown this time).

The next step will be to Zip-Texture the mountain cliffs, slopes and meadows with different mixes of dry pigments and plaster to get the right effects of rock, soil and grass ...

Sat, Feb 24, 2007