Micro-Trains Line Co.

351 Rogue River Parkway
P.O. Box 1200
Talent, OR 97540-1200
Phone 541/535-1755
Fax 541/5355-1932

Micro-Trains (nee Kadee) produces N and Z scale rolling stock and accessories. Naturally we'll focus exclusively on Z scale products. We admit our knowledge of MTL is somewhat limited. Here is what we know now. Couplers

Micro-Trains makes a very nice looking and functionally interesting coupler. The brand name is Magne-Matic. Here's a picture highlighting the coupler from their 20th Anniversary of 'Z' Scale car.

Regarding the functional marvel of this little device: One locates magnets under the the tracks at various places where uncoupling is desired. When the train is stopped with the couplers directly over the magnet, the coupler knuckles will open (1). Backing the train up slightly will disengage the couplers (2). Now if the train is pulled away the couplers remain in a delayed position. In this position the trains can be backed up, the car moved to a new location where it will remain when the train pulls away (3). The coupler now returns to its normal position and may be reengaged by backing up into it (4). Perhaps this diagram from the MTL Coupler Works brochure makes this description even more clear.

These couplers may be purchased separately. They come packaged in 4 variations:

These can be mounted on Märklin cars. We've done it. It takes a bit of patience (tiny springs) but we've done it successfully.

MTL rolling stock can typically be purchased with Magne-Matic or Märklin compatible couplers. A suffix of "-1" on the part number indicates the latter. Rolling Stock

Micro-Trains currently makes only one type of locomotive, the F-7. It is available in seven different road names. They don't make any passenger cars. But they do make a great variety of very good looking North American freight cars. There are 14 different body styles each (we think) in a number of road names. The styles are as follows:

There are also seven sets available. Each set includes an F-7 in one of seven road names with matching caboose, gondola, flat car, box car, tank car, one rerailer ramp, and an oval track. Accessories

Available accessories include the couplers described above, a rerailer ramp, replacement brushes, a height gauge for aligning couplers, a brush for cleaning locomotive wheels and a power pack (customized to be 'just right').

"Short Line" Newsletter

Micro-Trains publishes a 4-page monthly newsletter with pictures and descriptions of new items and 'Special Run' announcments. The cost is $12.00 per year ($14.00 outside U.S.A.) If you're interested send your name, address and money to the address above requesting a subsription.

We express our appreciation to George Menzie of MTL for taking the time and effort to provide us with literature and dealing with our questions.
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Mon, Apr 11, 2005