Replacement F7 Shells and Custom Painting

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1920's Era American Heavyweight Passenger Cars
Custom Built and Painted to Your Specifications

Individual Cars with Märklin passenger trucks
Baggage Combine Coach Diner Pullman
$60.00 each
5 Car Heavyweight Set (Any 5 Cars)$280.00
Individual Cars without trucks$40.00
5 Car sets without trucks$180.00

Custom Painted Märklin American Passenger cars

Individual Cars:Coach, Diner or Baggage
Dome or Observation
$55.00 each
3 Car Set:Coach, Diner and Baggage$160.00
5 Car Set:Coach, Diner Baggage, Dome and Observation$250.00

F7A or F7B shells

Use as dummy units or make a power unit using Märklin 8874 or 8875
F7A ir B shell unpainted$10.00
F7A or B unpainted with photo etch detail$15.00
F7A or B shell custom painted$25.00
F7A or B shell painted with photo etch detail$30.00

Please Note:

An inventory of parts is not always maintained therefore there may be a delay of a few weeks for delivery after receipt of an order, depending on the current workload and parts pipeline. However every effort will be made to fill your order as quickly as possible.
Last updated November 9, 1997